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shecco is an integrated Marketing & Communication consultancy supporting the introduction of climate friendly technologies.

Given the huge challenge posed by global warming, investing in technologies that can alleviate the burden on our planet has become paramount. shecco supports those companies that want to grow by offering solutions to the climate crisis we are facing, through market research, public affairs, online marketing services, as well as event management.

shecco's primary focus was initially to facilitate the market uptake of heating and cooling solutions based on the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744). Today, shecco has expanded its business scope to promote other climate friendly technologies and services, namely:

  • Other natural refrigerants, including hydrocarbons and ammonia.
  • Next generation cars, both full electric and plug-in hybrids.
    Notably, shecco publishes cars21.com, the world’s first online B2B platform for electric vehicles, to help accelerate the drive towards sustainable forms of “e-mobility”. 

In short: shecco is constantly looking at new opportunities that can help "sustain our atmosphere".